CSS page Layouts & Homework

CSS: Page Lyouts

Weekend Homework

Hey look a GIF

This weekend, watch chapter 1 page layouts. This will review and reenforce concepts we have covered over the last few weeks. Including box model, margins, display, fluid & responsive layouts, and CSS debugging with the web inspector. Please take the time to review each video throughly so you fully understand each concepts, as each of these will be essential to building your web design skills.

Also, research three websites that have a similar subject matter to your topic for your final project. Analyze the page layout and overall site organization,  what features does the site have? How are the pages laid out?, how is the site organized overall? Think about how you can apply lessons from each site to your web project.

Buy yourself a piece of the internet$

This is the next thing on your agenda, it’s time to buy yourself some web hosting and a domain name. I priced out what you will need if you buy from Godady and it cost $36.14 which I think is pretty reasonable, that will get you 3 months of hosting and a domain name for a year. Just remember that if you store your card on file with Godaddy the hosting and domain will “auto renew” by default, so unless you turn off “auto renew” or remove your payment method they will keep charing you $$$$

Ok heres’s what to do

Go to – Select economy ( aka the cheapest option )

Say no to everything ( you don’t need any extras )

Choose a domain name ( is only free if you purchase 12 months of hosting ) you can choose anything you want, also you can use d-a-s-h-e-s.

Review your cart, here you can change the term length of your hosting package to 3 Months ( which will be just enough )

Whip out that credit card! ( or better yet Mom & Dads )

Go ahead press the checkout button!