Due Friday 14th @ 5pm

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For home work please read through and digest the coding standards provided in this document, written by Mark Otto creator of bootstrap ( along with @fat ). You will need to follow these for your final assignment. After you’re done with that, you might as well go-ahead and sign up for an account on and then … Continued

Weekend to do list! + CSS page layouts, research, getting on the web

CSS: Page Layouts Weekend Homework This weekend, watch chapter 1 page layouts. This will review and reenforce concepts we have covered over the last few weeks. Including box model, margins, display, fluid & responsive layouts, and CSS debugging with the web inspector. Please take the time to review each video throughly so you fully understand … Continued

In class Exercise / Homework

  Hello, your in class exercise / homework for Monday October 1st is watch CSS Essential Training 1 and work with the exercise files. Make sure to watch the use exercise files video, your goal will be to update the resume page with your info. This course will provide review of several of the concepts we … Continued


Hello this is your quiz, here’s what you have to do: Create a three page dating profile for your favorite fictional character. The Home page should have a brief bio and headshot The Bio page should have, Name, Age, where they life and what there dating perfectness are and another picture. The Contact page should … Continued

To do in class

  This is an in class practice exercise: Create a two page site, with a home page and another page of your choosing. Put the second page in a sub folder Link both pages to an external style sheet, put the style sheet in a folder titled “css” Add an image to both pages put … Continued