I will be using GitHub to publish code from in class demos moving forward. You can download todays code here:   Also you might want to check out the GitHub app


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Al’s list #2

The three components of Responsive Web Design ( How to use the browser developer tools to test a responsive design ( How to create a web page with a fluid design Look at as the viewport width is reduced to less than 768 pixels. Note header overlap, image crop and the persistent hamburger menu even … Continued

Assignment One

Thing one: Each week read through the material on Al’s list ( week one ) I will post weekly updates check out: peruse: CSS Syntax and Selectors Inline, embedded and external style sheets CSS Image Gallery Read about image formats When to use GIF, JPG, PNG, SVG The #1 Easiest Way to Speed Up a … Continued


Text editors Brackets Sublime Text Atom Visual Studio Code FTP Transmit ( Mac only ) Filezilla    How the Web Works ( basics )   HTML & CSS