After completing this assignment:

  • Students should be proficient using both the traditional “Backend Builder” accessed through the Divi dashboard… Divi refers to the Divi Dashboard as the backend… as well as the “Visual Builder“ (the front-end interface).
  • The basics:  Using Divi, students should understand and be able to:
    • Create any feasible page layout using sections, rows and modules.
    • Implement any Divi Module.
    • Customize a theme using the Divi Theme Options. Especially:
      • Change the Logo
    • Add a Favicon (
      • Understanding Favicons in WordPress.
      • Design considerations: It has to look good when reduced to 32×32 pixels.
      • How to create your Favicon image (512×512 pixels).
      • How to add a Favicon to your WordPress site.
    • Set a static home page.
    • Create and position a menu with links to static pages, post pages, and non-WordPress pages.
    • Display relevant posts (category /tag) on a page or in the sidebar.
    • Use the Divi Library.
    • Integrate ImageEngine and analyze the results.


To get a jumpstart download and install the the divi-landing-page-kit. Check it out in use on this website HERE

Here’s some screen shots of the general process:

After you click import it will shot up in Saved Layouts when you select Load from Library, when creating a new divi page layout