Final Website Project

At least 4 pages

A credites page

Each page should have a tittle

Follow Mark Otto’s, <code guide>

At least one pages in a subfolder

At least one should have breadcrumb navs

At least one link to an internal anchor. At least one numbered list with a sublist.  Use CSS rules to style the list and sublist so that each appears with a different notation.  ex. The list might be numbered 1, 2, 3 while each sublist is numbered a, b, c.

At least one Mailto link that automatically fills in the To, CC, Subject, and Body.  The text of the subject or the body must contain an ampersand (&).  For example, the subject might be “Here & There.”

Webfonts employ at least one hosted ( ie. google fonts ) and one self hosted ( font squirrel ) also include one icon font ( example )

Employ external CSS style sheet(s) for layout, also use at least one example of an embed stylesheet and inline style.

Review the CSS Selector Reference on W3Schools, employ at least 12 different types of selectors on your site.

Use both CSS transparency and CSS gradients on your site

Include a form element with at least two inputs and a submit button.

All tags should be formatted correctly, with corresponding opening and closing tags where appropriate.

All tags should be used appropriately and chosen to enhance the semantic value of your HTML code ( ie. don’t use a <div> tag where you could use a <section> or a <nav> tag.

Some type of javascript enhancement ( drop down nav, carousel, smoth scroll ect.)