Hello this is your quiz, here’s what you have to do:

Create a three page dating profile for your favorite fictional character.

The Home page should have a brief bio and headshot

The Bio page should have, Name, Age, where they life and what there dating perfectness are and another picture.

The Contact page should have an email address and another picture.


Other requirements:

  • Your site should have the following structure:


  • The url for your contact page should read contact/me.html

  • You should have one CSS file that is connected to each of the site’s pages

  • Each page should have a different background color

  • Use a sans-serif font

  • Each page should have a nav that allows you to navigate to the other pages

  • The image and text content on each page should be inside a wrapper with a max-width of 960px the images should stretch to fit inside the wrapper.

  • Your site must make use of the following tags <nav>, <section>,<div> <ul>, <li>, <h1>, <h2> & <p>

  • Your <h1> tags must be a different color than your <h2> & <p> tags

  • Your <h2> tags must be a different color than your <h1> & <p> tags

  • Your index page must have a link to this website’s home page

When you have completed the assignment, create a zip file from the root directory ( your-name-quiz-one ) and email that to 

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