To do in class


This is an in class practice exercise:

Create a two page site, with a home page and another page of your choosing.

Put the second page in a sub folder

Link both pages to an external style sheet, put the style sheet in a folder titled “css”

Add an image to both pages

put your images in a folder in the root directory titled “img”

Add a nav bar to both pages

Add a wrapper element to both pages


Do This Too


A header with an Image

A section tag with:


Your name in an H1 tag

Your Year of study in an H2  tag

Your Major in an H2  tag

A paragraph tag with your bio

And unordered list of your favorite dinner foods


A footer with your name and todays date.


Add styling:

Make the H1 tase a shade of blue’

Make the year of study a shade of green

The Unordered List should display as a list with circle bullets

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