Hello this is your quiz, here’s what you have to do: Create a three page dating profile for your favorite fictional character. The Home page should have a brief bio and headshot The Bio page should have, Name, Age, where they life and what there dating perfectness are and another picture. The Contact page should … Continued

To do in class

  This is an in class practice exercise: Create a two page site, with a home page and another page of your choosing. Put the second page in a sub folder Link both pages to an external style sheet, put the style sheet in a folder titled “css” Add an image to both pages put … Continued

Resume Code & Homework

Watch Web Development Foundations: Web Technologies Goal for resume homework: Create one resume.html file, that contains some info about yourself. In that file have one example of an element with inline style: <p style=”color:blue;”>blue text </p> Also add an embedded style sheet: <style> body { background:aquamarine; } p {    color:gray; } </style> Also add a … Continued

HTML Resume

Your frist HTML project is going to be creating a Resume document. More details to follow next class.   Also for those of you interested you can download the font I’m using in my code editor at the link bellow: Source Code Pro   Code <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head>     <title>Untitled Document</title>     … Continued