Welcome to the internet

Ok not really, in fact your not new to the internet at all. For you its always been there. You can’t even remember I time without it. Its your old friend and without it you probably feel pretty lost ( both literally & metaphorically ). In this class what you’re being introduced to is inner workings of the internet, the invisible underpinnings that make the thing whole work.

So how does the internet work? In truth that is a long and nearly unfathomably complicated answer. Fully understanding the internet and all its workings is essentially impossible, learning everything there is to know would take several lifetimes. Even if you had that much time on your hands, the internet is constantly changing and evolving so its a task that could never be finished. In short if you aspire to work professional capacity creating things on the internet, you will never know as much about the internet as you think you need to know about the internet.

In this course we will be focusing on a few of the most essential concepts that you need to understand in order to create things that go on the internet. We’re going to start with a few basic concepts that will help you better understand how your computer works and how it sends information on the internet.

First Two Weeks
  • How images, sound, and text are transmitted over the internet:
    • Why Digital? What does it mean to be Digital?
    • What can you do with a Bit? Why should you care?
    • Digital terms and concepts.
  • The basis for Web site performance optimization.


You wil also be introduced to HTML & CSS

Watch These for homework:





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